Meghan Markle has finally shown signs of improvement, especially with regard to her outings and engagements. A gossip columnist claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has also followed her royal advisors after months of constant scrutiny from the press.

During his interview on iHeartRadio, Rob Shuter praised Prince Harry’s wife for following the royal rules. The expert discussed the new mom’s appearance at the US Open to watch her good friend Serena Williams’ match. He said that the Palace must have reminded Meghan that she shouldn’t go to the after-party in New York City.

More specifically, palace advisors have advised Meghan to “dial it down a few notches.” This move made her most recent trip to the Big Apple different from her trip to the United States earlier this year. At that time, Meghan was criticized for attending a lavish baby shower that was organized by her friends.

But after attending Williams’ match weeks ago, Prince Harry’s wife flew straight to London to be with her family. Her only other outing, while she was in the US, was when she attended a public yoga class at her favorite studio.

“The tennis match, she as invisible, Meghan is starting to listen to the royal advisors and wants to prove to the Queen that she can be trusted to travel outside the UK without her husband Harry,” Shuter said. “Now she realizes that fighting with the family is a position that will only mean she loses. Meghan, you got that right,” he added.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty is also reportedly pleased with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent royal tour to South Africa. While speaking with “Today,” royal expert Neil Sean said that the Queen was thrilled to finally hear some positive PR about the royal couple.

The past summer has been very difficult for Prince Harry and Meghan. They were constantly criticized for every single thing that they did. They were slammed for taking a private jet to Nice and Ibiza for their vacation. And when Prince Harry explained their decision, he was once again slammed for allegedly demanding too much privacy from the public when he’s a member of the royal family.

meghan-markle prince-harry Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pictured leaving Westminster Abbey in London after Commonwealth Day Services on March 11, 2019.  Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images