Contrary to the feuding rumors floating around the internet, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle are actually helping each other out. In fact, Meghan consults her sister-in-law for fashion advice.

Kate remains the most powerful royal influencer in the world when it comes to fashion, according to a poll conducted by Brand Finance's British Luxury 2018. She also earned the title “U.K.’s Most Liked Icon” based on the same survey. Claudia Joseph, author of “Dress Like A Princess,” claimed that Kate’s popularity must have been attributed to the fact that she can become queen consort in the future.

Newly inducted duchess Meghan is not far behind her sister-in-law as she lands number two in the list of the most powerful royal influencer in the world. The fashion industry has coined a phenomenon called “The Meghan Effect” to refer to the duchess’ impact when it comes to selling out an item of clothing she wears. According to her friends, Meghan doesn’t need a stylist as she takes care of her fashion on her own.

But Meghan seems to acknowledge the greater influence that Kate has in the fashion world. An insider told Elle that Meghan goes to Kate for some fashion advice and draws fashion inspiration from her.

For one, Kate sticks with her wedding designer, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The duchess has developed a bond with Burton and is her “go-to” designer for important events and occasions. Burton is the one who dressed Kate for Pippa Middleton's wedding in 2017.

Meghan has followed a similar path as Kate’s. She has also developed a bond with her wedding gown designer, Claire Waight from Givenchy. Waight had designed the Duchess of Sussex with stylish dresses for all of her first royal engagements.

Another thing, the two duchesses are regularly seen with longer hemlines during more formal engagements — an influence more attributed to Kate. Meghan is more watchful of her clothing now, observing royal traditions in dressing up, compared to her pre-royal style.

Meghan, however, is steadily creating her own style. The former “Suits” actress tries not to make her style become too trend conscious. The Duchess of Sussex wants her work to be the focus and not her style.

The trend of royal women becoming fashion icons started when Prince Albert Edward married Princess Diana Alexandra in 1863. Princess Diana Alexandra’s marriage to a prince while enjoying her independence established her as a fashion icon.

The late Princess Diana revived the interest in royal women as fashion icons. With the presence of social media, it’s easier for a commoner to see and copy what royals wear. This accessibility heightened the influence of Kate and Meghan to the world when it comes to fashion.