Princess Diana hilariously passed the blame to her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, for eating her favorite chocolate bars. The Princess of Wales used to love eating the treat.

The revelation came from Darren McGrady, the Princess of Wales’ former royal chef. While speaking with Daily Mail, McGrady recounted a funny encounter he had with the late royal.

“While I was cooking her healthy food, she was sneaking out and having chocolate bars in the car,” he said. “Every now and again, after returning the car I would say, ‘Your Royal Highness, here are your keys, but I found these in the car,’ and hand her the chocolate bar wrappers,” he added.

Princess Diana would tell McGrady that the chocolate wrappers must have belonged to her two boys. But the former royal chef said that he was aware that Princess Diana was the one who indulged in the treat. According to McGrady, Princess Diana liked Drifter bars and Time Outs.

But this isn’t the first time that McGrady shared details about his time working with Princess Diana. After serving Queen Elizabeth for 11 years, McGrady moved to Kensington Palace to be with Princess Diana, Prince Charles and their sons.

While speaking with Huffington Post, McGrady said that the Queen and Princess Diana were very different from each other. He said that when Her Majesty enters the kitchen, everyone stops whatever it is that they’re doing to tend to her needs.

But when Princess Diana visits the kitchen at the Palace and asks for a cup of coffee, she would usually check if McGrady is not doing something else. If the formal royal chef is engaged in something, Princess Diana will make her own coffee.

Even though Princess Diana didn’t mind making her own cup of coffee, McGrady said that the late royal couldn’t be trusted in the kitchen. “She was just the worst, a terrible person in the kitchen … It was just basic cooking with the princess,” he said.

But even though Princess Diana couldn’t cook, she had an appreciation for good food. One of her favorites was McGrady’s bread and butter pudding.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles at a parade in the Mall, London, during V.J. Day commemorations, August 1994. Terry Fincher/Getty Images