Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie of York looks at art work during a visit to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to open the new Stanmore Building. David Mirzoeff - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Being the ninth in line to the British royal throne, it may sound like Princess Eugenie is close to the throne but is actually not. The daughter of Duke of York Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is pushed down further when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to three children. The princess may be far from being crowned queen, but living the so-called spare princess life has its own benefits.

The lesser-known British royal family member is daughter to Queen Elizabeth’s second son, Princess Andrew. Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Eugenie is technically more of a royal than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are, who have earned their royal titles only after marrying royal princes William and Harry. Since then, Princess Eugenie’s royal status has been overshadowed by the public’s obsession with the royal magnificent seven.

But HRH Princess Eugenie can enjoy the best of both worlds. She lives a princess life with more freedom as a bonus. Below are the reasons why being labeled the spare princess is not as upsetting as the public thinks it is.

No Royal Duties

Princess Eugenie is a true-blooded royal and is still in the ranks despite being ninth in line to the British throne. Unlike the family of Prince Charles, Prince Andrew’s family is free of royal obligation to Her Majesty. Prince Andrew and his family are not supported by the Privy Purse, the royal family’s source of funds. But Princess Eugenie has royal rights, so she and husband James Brookbank live in Kensington Palace, near Prince William and Kate.

Works For A Living

Since Princess Eugenie is not working for the Queen, she has to work for herself. Unlike Kate, who has earned a university degree but is strapped to her royal duties, Princess Eugenie practices her earned degree from the university. The Princess currently works as a director of Hauser and Wirth art gallery.

Still Involved In Charities

On top of her career as a director of an art gallery, Princess Eugenie still manages to support charities around the world. One of the charities close to the princess’ heart is the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, where she used to be treated for her scoliosis. She, sister Princess Beatrice and mother Sarah are supporters of Teenage Cancer Trust. She also supports Elephant Family, along with other royal relatives.

Has An Instagram Account

Princess Eugenie created her Instagram account during International Women’s Day in March 2018. Social media is one of the things the royal family is deprived of, but not Princess Eugenie. The princess often uploads her charity engagements and posts some family photos from time to time. Instagram became Princess Eugenie’s platform for raising awareness of the charities she supports.

No Bodyguards

When Prince Andrew was forced to resign as UK’s special trade representative, Princess Eugenie and her sister were removed of their 24-hour police security. The police protection cost $650,000 annually, an expensive amount if paid from the House of York’s own money. Prince Andrew reportedly protested for the removal of the service, arguing that his daughters should not be treated like minor royals. This, however, means that Princess Eugenie can enjoy more privacy and be approachable for the public.

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