Unless you have been on a perpetual vacation in the Caribbean then you have been feeling the effects of the East Coast's brutal winter. The poor residents of Boston haven't even been able to dig out of the incessant snow, but despite the long dog days of winter, spring will soon arrive. And you have to start your beauty regimen  to ensure that you are looking positively radiant by the time to first blooms come! Spring is all about being refreshed and reinvigorated, and while most focus on the miraculous changing of mother nature, I'm focused on my hair. The dead of winter is tough on our social lives, but it also wreaks havoc on our beauty regimens, especially our hair. The winter weather dries out our normally luxurious mane and leaves us with dry, brittle and normally static filled hair. So if you are like me and looking to be completely refreshed by the time highlighted lose wave season creeps back up, then check out our top 3 tips for not only protecting hair but revitalizing it from the harsh winter season. 

First things first we need to moisturize. When in colder climates your hair tends to lose moisture faster than in warmer areas. To combat this, try to seal in moisture. You don't have to change your daily hair routine too much, but be sure to pay extra attention to the ends where your hairs is the oldest and tends to be the most dry. In addition to focusing on ends, in order to re-moisturize hair you may want to try a hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatments help maintain texture and shine in between cuts, the treatment is filled with enriching ingredients that makes hair healthier. You can make a DIY version, or pick up one that can be applied in the shower at your local beauty supply store. 

If you attempted to moisturize your ends but received less than ideal results, you may need to clip your spilt ends. While hair care treatments re-moisturize your scalp, your ends are dead and can never be fully repaired, meaning sometimes, especially in the inter, trims are necessary every few weeks. If you don't want to visit your hair salon, check out this tutorial about how to give yourself a trim. 

Our last tip for winter hair protection is to put your hair in a protective style. While everyone has a signature style, you may want to change it up during the harsh weather to keep the oldest and most fragile part of your hair tucked away and sealed with some kind of moisturizer. The best part of these protective styles is that they benefit hair growth and help seal in moisture!