Queen Elizabeth is the epitome of class and grace. And she almost always looks formal and respectable when she’s out in public.

But every now and then, Her Majesty also becomes a victim of huge blunders that she didn’t necessarily commit herself. In the book “What A Thing To Say To The Queen,” royal author Thomas Blakie recounted an incident that took place during Christmas dinner.

He said that during the festive occasion, the Queen’s footman made the huge mistake of pulling the monarch’s chair after he saw her get up from the table. The footman thought that Her Majesty will no longer sit back down so he tried to give her space.

Unfortunately, the Queen sat down again and fell since the chair was no longer behind her. The incident reportedly left the 93-year-old monarch red-faced. And luckily for the footman, Her Majesty didn’t become upset.

“Surprised but unhurt, the Queen was soon as amused as the rest of her family,” he said.

Meanwhile, Christmas is a very important and special occasion for the Queen and the other members of the royal family. They typically stay in Sandringham during the holiday season and reunite with Prince Philip.

Two years ago, Prince Harry described the holiday celebration with the royal family during his interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program. The Duke of Sussex said that the gathering was fantastic and everyone loved that Meghan Markle was there.

Unfortunately, this year the Queen will miss spending Christmas with Prince Harry and Markle since they will be celebrating the special occasion in the United States. Her Majesty reportedly allowed the royal couple to not spend the holidays with her in Sandringham.

However, royal expert Ingrid Seward said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision is quite saddening since Prince Philip and the Queen are already very old. “The Queen might be a little hurt but she’s far too gracious to ever let it show or be known,” she told Express.

Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II meets the crowds during a walk about in Chester. Terry Kearney/Flickr