With the finest chefs at their disposal, British royals such as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry can have all the delicious dishes they could possibly want. But the surprising thing is that most of them manage to remain fit and slim throughout their lives.

Naturally, this has perplexed royal family fans who are wondering what could be their secret to keeping fit and slim. Actually, a few of them offered a few theories when someone posted a similar site on Quora.

Some fans believe that they’re just blessed with good genes. “Genetics is the primary determinant of whether or not someone is fat,” Basil Fondu wrote on Quora.

“Part of it is genetic,” echoed another Quora user, Brent McKee. “The Queen’s father and uncles were slim men, and her grandmother and great grandmother (Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra) were slim women. Prince Philip and his entire family are thin.”

Interestingly, one fan even suggested that perhaps the smoking among some of the male royals might have helped. “King George VI was thin, perhaps because of all that smoking,” wrote Ernest W. Adams. As surprising as it may sound, studies have indeed shown that smoking suppresses appetite, according to NPR.

Another common answer among those who responded is that the royals are slim because they can afford to eat right and not mainly get their sustenance from fast or junk food like the majority of the population do.

“First, they can afford their food to be fresh, all day every day, which means no sugars or preservatives adding extra weight. Simply put, they can afford to eat healthy,” Natasja Rose wrote.

This view is also shared by another Quora user, Thomas Dalton, who pointed out that one’s physical health might be tied to one’s financial health as well. “There is a correlation between weight and poverty, so being from a wealthy family means they are less likely to be overweight,” Dalton wrote.

“Poor families seem to eat a lot of stodge, chips, cakes, pastry, potatoes, burgers, bread and the like,” Quora user Alison Dalleywater further expounding the view by contrasting the food options of the rich and the poor. “Rich people have more fruit, veg, salad etc and very little stodgy food.”

Lastly, most royals are quite active physically. “It’s a well-known fact that all the royals love a spot of sport,” wrote Vogue Australia. “Princes William and Harry are avid rugby and polo players — both encouraged to compete when they can.”

Exercise is part of Queen Elizabeth II’s schedule. “She keeps her body strong through aerobic exercise, walking with her corgis, and riding horses,” HealthFitnessRevolution wrote.

The heir apparent, Prince Charles, is also physically active. “He is an avid polo player, hikes, and has a regular fitness regimen,” the site wrote. “He has been known to do push-ups and crunches before bed.”

Royal Family
Members of the Royal Family stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch a fly-past of aircraft by the Royal Air Force. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

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