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A large majority of Americans say they feel loved, although their level of satisfaction with different aspects of their lives in this area varies.

The conclusions can be found in a new survey released by Ipsos, which analyzed answers from people across 31 countries as Valentine's Day approaches.

Ipsos asked people if they were satisfied or unsatisfied with regards to three main areas: if they were satisfied with their romantic/sexual life; if they felt loved, and if they felt satisfied with relationship with their significant other.

A slim majority of Americans said they felt satisfied with their romantic/sexual lives. Concretely, 56% of the total and quite low in the overall list: it was ranked 24th, only above seven countries and below the average (62%).

Japan saw the lowest share of respondents, with 37% saying they were satisfied and 47% that they were not satisfied. On the other end of the spectrum were India and Mexico, where 76% of respondents claimed to be satisfied with their romantic/sexual lives. In the former, 13% said they were unsatisfied, while the figure was 26% in the latter.

Latin America, in the meantime, saw an 68% average satisfaction rate, with Mexico at the top and Brazil (60% satisfied, 30% unsatisfied) at the bottom. Colombia, Perú, Argentina and Chile were other Latin American countries surveyed.

When divided by gender, answers were equal: 62% of men and women surveyed said they were satisfied.

Figures climbed across the spectrum when the question changed to whether people felt loved. Almost three out of every four Americans (72%) said it was the case for them, but they were still below the global average (74%) and in the 20th place overall. Two Latin American countries, Colombia and Perú, led the ranking in this question, with 88% and 86% giving a positive answer, respectively. The regional average was 79%.Based on gender, 75% of women said they felt loved, the figure being 74% for men.

Americans did rank among the top countries when the question had to do with whether respondents were satisfied with their relationship with their significant other. Here, 87% of Americans answered affirmatively, above the global average (83%). The country ranked 7th overall and Perú was the only Latin American country that clocked in on top (88%). In terms of gender, 83% of men said they were satisfied, the figure being 82% for women.

The survey also gave some insights based on age. It said that millennials are the most satisfied generation at a romantic/sexual level, with 67% saying that was the case for them. Gen Z and Baby Boomers were the least satisfied (59%). However, Boomers were the ones who said they felt most loved, with 77%.

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