Sofía Vergara
Sofía Vergara is known for her amazing body, however, the Colombian star relied on genetics until she turned 40. That's when she really started working out and taking care of herself, resulting in achieving her "best body" yet. Scroll through to see how this bombshell looked before! Getty

When we think of Sofía Vergara we think of one of the sexiest Latinas in Hollywood. Now in her mid-40s, this Colombian bombshell is the envy of many 20-somethings who wished they looked half as good as her. Although Sofía has always been known for her perfect curves, she didn’t realy have to do much to keep them in place. However, once she turned 40, she noticed how her body started to change, and how she needed to step up her routine to keep looking as good as she does. “Well, everyone knows that I’ve never been into working out. I was always very happy with what I have,” she told Shape magazine back in 2014.

“I mean, like any woman I'd complain that my thighs were too big or whatever, but I felt comfortable with my curves - people expected me to have them. Then I hit 40 and I started seeing a softness everywhere on my body. I read a lot about how your metabolism drops when you age. I knew it was time to do something, so I did.” After her “aha” moment, Vergara really started to take care of her body. She builds up strength with her trainer through Pilates-inspired Lagree Method workouts using a Megaformer (a machine that has a system of springs and pulleys with adjustable resistance to work your entire body) and classes like New York-based Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone or SLT.

She also doesn't eat beef, but can't live without cake. “When I do indulge, I exercise a bit harder the next day. My workout motto is really simple: No pain, no cake!” All this training has made her body look even better than when she was younger, and now that she’s married to Joe Manganiello, who is also known for having one of Hollywood’s hottest bodies, the two of them are one of the fittest couples in the entertainment world. Sofía has definitely achieved her best body yet, but how did she look before? Scroll through the pictures above and see for yourself!

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