Whether you are a casual sports bettor or someone who punts regularly, you have to know what you are doing. Some people rely on their experience alone, but others know that other things can help them. One of them is a reliable betting strategy created by iGaming fans with many years of experience in the online betting industry.

Although following betting guides are not that popular in some parts of the world, Bulgaria is an exception. Courtesy of platforms, such as Nostrabet, locals can read the most advanced tactics and use them to their advantage. Some of the betting tips can be utilized by people worldwide, so let’s go over the most important things punters should know before they start wagering.

You need to decide which sport and league to focus on

One of the first things you have to do if you are interested in online betting is to decide which sport and league to bet on. Finding a sports betting platform is not easy, but since Nostrabet is one of the top bookie reviewers in Bulgaria, all you need is to check the in-depth overviews. Each bookie’s review includes a list of the available sports, features, promotions, betting markets, and much more. Consequently, you can choose the brand that offers the things you are interested in.

Choosing which sport and league to wager on will greatly impact your overall experience. Some sports, such as football, will always give you access to many events and options because they are famous worldwide. However, some people prefer to focus on more niche alternatives like eSports. This may give them access to unique markets and higher odds, but there won’t be many options to bet on.

Some Bulgarian online bettors end up choosing between the “All In” or “Fixed-amount” betting schemes

Once online bettors decide which sport and league they want to bet on, it is time for them to focus on wagering. Apart from the reviews, those who visit Nostrabet’s platform have access to special betting strategies. After reading some of the information, punters usually choose between the “All In” or the “Fixed-amount” option.

The first alternative allows you to maximize your winnings as long as they predict their bets successfully. Unfortunately, using “All In” has its disadvantages because you will lose all of your money if you don’t predict your bet. Since some iGaming fans in Bulgaria and other countries don’t want to take any unnecessary risks , they opt for the second tactic. Those who use fixed amounts of money can choose markets with higher odds if they want to have the chance to win more. This is betting strategy is easy to follow because you just have to determine your bet size. As a result, Bulgarians and people from other countries use it on a daily basis.

Sometimes, Bulgarian punters follow betting strategies that only work in specific situations

Although Bulgaria’s population is around 7 million, the country is famous for its numerous online bookmakers. Naturally, they offer different kinds of sections and options, some of which are not accessible on other sites. Thankfully, the professional reviews from Nostrabet allow locals and people from other countries to learn everything about every brand. Those who skim through the in-depth overviews will notice that certain companies offer things, such as a live betting section. Luckily, Nostrabet also has a guide for punting on live events, allowing inexperienced users to learn how it works.

The live betting strategy is more specific than the ones mentioned earlier because players can only use it while punting on matches that take place in real-time. There are different tactics, such as the one known as “1.5”. Those interested in it choose the market over/under and place a bet that there will be over 1.5 goals in a given match. Although this market is fun, it is risky, which means the odds are higher than usual.

Arbitrage betting is another popular live betting strategy. This one is more complicated because it requires using two online bookmakers simultaneously. The idea is to keep an eye on the odds and place opposing bets using small amounts of money. In theory, your winning bet should cover your losses, and you should receive a small profit.

Lastly, Nostrabet also contains information about the so-called prop betting. It encourages people to wager on specific players instead of the entire team. The odds are lucrative, but predicting some markets is not easy.