Pokemon with Guns

'Pokemon With Guns' Proves A Blast

The makers of a video game dismissed as "Pokemon with Guns" when it was announced said Monday the game has proved a hit, with "Palworld" selling more than five million copies in just three days.
US teen beats Tetris

US Teen Becomes First Human To Beat Tetris

Willis Gibson, 13, a competitive gamer known as "blue scuti," became the first human to reach the "kill screen" of the Nintendo version of the puzzle game, as fellow players followed his progress online.

How A 20-cent Fee Upended The Gaming World

Unity, a US company whose software is used to create and run thousands of games including "Pokemon GO" and "Genshin Impact", announced new fees for developers in September. The firm was going to charge 20 cents every time a Unity-backed game was installed on any device, a move that analysts warned could collapse studios.