The Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 release are going to happen despite the Trump administration’s US trade injunction. In fact, various speculations and rumors about the upcoming flagship’s features and specs are already floating the round with the latest one hinting on what the gadget’s camera might be.

Someone just leaked a photo of the Huawei P40 Pro which revealed the phone’s design. The photo shows the side view of the upcoming flagship and was posted on Twitter by user Yash Raj Chaudhary, Tech Radar reported.

While the photo is a bit pixilated and shows only the thin side of the Huawei P40 Pro, a few features still managed to stand out. For instance, there a significant camera bump on his rear which suggests that rumors on what camera it might have are probably true.

Just as Chaudhary pointed out, Tech Radar likewise believes that the Huawei P40 Pro will feature a Leica Penta camera. To be more specific, the publication suggests that the setup will likely include a Sony IMX686 1/1.7 inch with OIS as well as a 20MP ultra-wide camera for panoramic shots.

In addition, the sensor bundle will include a macro camera and a 12 MP telephoto lens. Just like the flagship models of other brands, the upcoming Huawei P40 Pro will also feature a ToF sensor.

In addition, the photo also shows volume control and power buttons at the phone’s upper-right edge. This comes as no surprise to Huawei fans as its basically the same setup as the current flagship P30 Pro.

 Another surprising Huawei P40 Pro specs is that it might feature a battery pack made out of graphene, according to Pocket-lint. As a result of this new type of battery, it will have a bigger capacity and can store charge of up to 5500mAh. Another advantage is that one can fully charge it in just 45 minutes.

“Huawei P40 will innovatively apply graphene materials to the positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes of mobile phone batteries,” Yash Raj Chaudhary tweeted. “This makes the battery capacity of Huawei P40 reach 5500mAh, but its volume is only 70% of that of lithium batteries#HuaweiP40Pro.”

However, Pocket-lint is not too sure about the graphene battery prediction. While there has been research done on the use of graphene in power storage, no battery using the material has been officially launched yet.

The company has not yet announced the Huawei P40 Pro release date yet but most tech watchers expect it to happen next year. Be sure to stay tuned to Latin Times for the latest tech updates.