Hubertus von Hohenlohe, the Mexican slalom skier found himself lying in the snow when he fell to the ground.  He suffered a wipeout when one his skies came loose and he crowd’s cheers turned to despair. He was still a gracious competitor when he smiled and waved at the crowd. He admitted "I'm a bit upset but it's OK."  Von Hohenlohe said "I thought I was already down and then I think my skis kind of crossed and I hooked a tip or something, That's how it goes, I was just a little too much ahead with my thoughts." He is 55 years old so most of his fellow Olympians  were not even born when he took part in his first Olympics in Saravejo in 1984 where he was 26th place, this being his best result.

He has been known for his flamboyant and outstanding outfits. Four years ago, he skied in a desperado style costume and in Sochi he dressed as a mariachi sporting everything except the sombrero. This infamous man, who happens to be a German price has been names “the most interesting Olympian in the world.” He is also a photographer, businessman and pop star.

When asked about his performance he said "I feel cool. I gave my best, I would have liked to make it down, but I'm OK with this. I did the difficult part and started going for it a little more and suddenly my skis crossed and I hooked one of the tips and crashed. I was nearly there! But honestly, it was so difficult, I'm kind of happy that I don't have to do the second run. It was really tough. "I think this is it, unless I find some pills that make me younger. If only I had been able to train a little more. I had a broken leg five weeks ago that nobody knows, which I can reveal now and I skied with a broken leg. I didn't make one training run so basically it was amazing that I could ski it at all. I just forced myself to do it and it was OK."