@hispanictiktok video
@hispanictiktok video white man explaining how hard it is to do heat jobs. Tik Tok

Many are dealing with the new Florida immigration law that took affect. Some are worried on who would do the "hard" jobs, while some are happy that this law took into affect.

When it comes to social media, many bring their different prespectives together, but a video posted four days ago gave America an "inside" look on what Florida "will lose."

The Tik Tok video was posted by account @hispanictiktok and gained over 303.1k views.

"Because of the New Anti-immigration bill Florida is about to find out!," the video captioned.

The video shows a man, to whom appears to be white, picking oranges from trees, saying "this is a $30 job." Explaining how most Americans won't do these types of jobs.

"I don't think most of you would do this job," the man continues.

But who does all these jobs that require you to be in the heat for more than 30 minutes? That's right, Latinos!

@hispanictiktok video
@hispanictiktok video Tik Tok

And the comment section really showed.

"I went outside to cut my bushes in the NC heat and almost passed out, mind you there were only 3 bushes and it was 80 degrees. 😩🤦🏽‍♀️God bless."

"amazing how these people work and smile sing dance come home and give there family quality time!!"

"That's sad they are doing work worth $30/hr and don't get paid that. All to give their families a better life. 🥺"

Now, for those saying that Mexicans only come here to steal jobs, do you want to apply for this one?

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