the Crown’s Edge, a feature only included in this cruise,
The Crown’s Edge, a feature only included in the Icon of the Seas. Royal Caribbean's website

Go big or go home. That seems to be the message behind the final preparations towards the launch of Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas. In a special ceremony to mark its first trip, the world's largest cruise ship is set to share the limelight with some of the greatest celebrities in the U.S., including Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi, winner of eight 'Ballon d'Or' awards.

The Icon of the Seas' departure will take place on January 27th in Port Miami. The category 6 ship is dubbed 'the largest water park at sea.' With almost 365 meters in length and a gross weight of 250 thousand tons, it features seven pools, the tallest cruise ship slide called the Frightening Bolt, and the PressureDrop, which is the first open-air free-fall waterslide.

The massive cruise ship also features "more than 40 ways to dine, drink, and be entertained," as well as eight "neighborhoods" and 20 decks on board, according to the company. Additionally, a three-story accommodation called The Ultimate Townhouse will be offered, equipped by the Royal Caribbean cruise line with a suite slide, a karaoke station, and other 'adventures' for passengers.

"Do you dare step to the edge of bravery?," asks Royal Caribbean on its website. Those passangers who are not afraid of heights and seek more adrenaline can experience can enjoy the Crown's Edge, a feature only included in this cruise, described as "a fear-inducing challenge that's part skywalk, part ropes course, part thrill ride and an all-out test of your courage."

The explanation follows: "Strap in and step onto the walkway. Dare to look down at the crashing waves below — but keep moving. Because when you least expect it, the floor beneath your feet could collapse and leave you dangling high over the ocean. When the moment of truth comes, only the courageous will conquer."

Lionel Messi and the World's Largest Cruise: What is the
Lionel Messi and the World's Largest Cruise: What is the Connection with the Inter Miami Player? Royal Caribbean

Lionel Messi: the Icon of the Icon of the Seas

Miami is the city where the cruise ship, which took 900 days to build, is currently docked and from where it will begin its inaugural journey. It was welcomed on January 10th by airplanes and fireboats by fans of the cruise line and company employees.

Lionel Messi will lead the inauguration of the new ship in an exclusive christening ceremony. The vessel will offer year-round alternate seven-night itineraries through the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

Messi's collaboration with the cruise is part of the agreement between Royal Caribbean and Inter Miami CF, the team where Messi plays since last year. Under the agreement, the cruise line is the club's official vacation partner.

The 'Icon of the Seas,'
The 'Icon of the Seas' is a category 6 ship dubbed 'the largest water park at sea. Royal Caribbean

The company announced in a press release in December that the Argentine football player will be "the official icon" of the Icon of the Seas.

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