The iGaming market has been ever growing since the mid-90’s. After the release of the very first online casino, the market has been growing at a pace that most other markets simply cannot match. In fact, gambling has always been a very popular way to pass time, even among the ancient Romans and the Greek. For thousands of years, people have placed bets on certain events, and played games for money or other prizes.

While land-based casinos are a lot of fun and people love the social aspect and the excitement, online casino sites are simply something that create more flexibility and opportunities. As the market keeps growing year by year, even more companies and businesses get involved with it. Value Marketing, a Maltese multinational iGaming corporation has seen the potential and some issues within the market, and they have fully harnessed its potential, while providing solutions to players. 

Today, we will look at how Value Marketing handles the pressures of being the best in the business, and how they have provided players some valuable tools and resources that can help them to navigate the confusing world of iGaming.

It all started from passion and dedication

Value Marketing started its journey in 2017 after the founder, Reza Shojaei, saw potential in the iGaming market. Shojaei was already an experienced business owner, but the iGaming market was something he had been especially passionate about for a long time. In fact, he had been an avid poker player for a while, which sparked him to try the busy waters of iGaming. 

  • Though I liked the sales market I worked with before, it was not something I was particularly passionate about. On the other hand, being a poker player myself encouraged me to get started with and that are the two major brands of Value Marketing, Shojaei explains. 

As the iGaming market is very competitive, Shojaei knew from the jump that it was not going to be an easy journey. Making it in the iGaming industry would require serious dedication and (of course) hard work. 

  • When you work with something you love, it is a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning. You cannot wait to get to work and to see what the day brings, Shojaei says. 

Value Marketing started by creating a brand,, to operate on the Norwegian market as an affiliate site for other online gaming sites. As Shojaei himself is from the land of vikings, it was only natural to start from there. However, as in any business that is only starting out, the first days, weeks, and months were packed with hard work, research, and building a dedicated team who was just as passionate about iGaming as Shojaei himself. 

  • What helped us in getting started was the fact that I along with my team had already worked as entrepreneurs before, and we knew it would take a while to get everything up and running. But it was all worth it, Shojaei says.

Nowadays is the highest ranking casino affiliate site in Norway, and it also covers Sweden. As the first site was such a huge success, Shojaei did not want to stop there. He saw the global potential in the iGaming niche, so Value Marketing started another site,, that was meant to handle the other markets around the world. Today, covers eleven markets: Finland, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, Japan, Denmark, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Thailand. 

The main goal for Value Marketing is to create a huge iGaming network and to connect with the best people and companies in the business. The idea is to be the number one affiliate site that helps readers and players navigate in the casino business, that can easily get confusing.

By bringing value to readers, Value Marketing became a success

Though many business owners might argue that you need to have a great product and a wonderful marketing team in order to make it, Shojaei says the most important thing is to put customers first. In Value Marketing’s case, to put the readers first. 

  • Many other sites focus on recommending different casinos regardless of what kind of sites they are. We, on the other hand, go a different route. We rather recommend only the highest quality sites, so that we can be sure our readers will have a great gaming experience. At the end of the day, that is the best solution for everyone, Shojaei says.

Instilling trust has ultimately been the key factor in Value Marketing’s success. The purpose is to provide the readers with high-quality, up-to-date content, that they can trust. and do not only review casino gaming sites, but instead, they also offer their readers other free resources and tools, such as news, articles, and guides. In fact, they even offer video reviews of certain casinos and games, so that the reader can get the most out of what the sites have to offer. 

  • The most important factor and our priority is to bring value to our readers and to give them something they can benefit from. When we can offer them something useful, they come back to us, which is of course what we want, Shojaei explains. 

Ultimately, no matter what your business model is, if you do not have customers, you will not have a successful business. Making sure your customers are happy is one of the most important key factors, and Value Marketing has aced this concept beyond expectation. 

Another ace in the deck for Value Marketing is that they give the readers a chance to get in touch with the team. Most affiliate sites do not offer this, so Value Marketing stands out. 

  • Giving the players a possibility to get in touch with us is another way to show our transparency and eagerness to help, Shojaei admits. 

Solving a big problem in the market

If your company can solve a problem for a customer, you will always have dedicated customers who come back to you. When Value Marketing got started in the Norwegian market, there was one major issue that the company aimed to solve: unreliable and low-quality casino sites. 

Though most casino sites on the market are reliable, the Norwegian online gambling niche falls under a grey area, as the country does not have authorities that control online gaming, unlike Malta or Great Britain, for instance. This causes a big problem especially for new players who are not yet familiar with the ins and outs of the gambling market. 

  • We wanted to recommend only reliable and trustworthy casinos that we would recommend to our friends and family as well. The online casino world is so competitive and there are so many sites out there, that there is simply no reason for anyone to play at a low-quality casino. The purpose for us was to give our readers tools and resources that they can use to choose only the most reliable, best casino sites that guarantee a wonderful gaming experience, Shojaei says. 

Many countries already regulate their online gaming market as well. For instance, Malta, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, and Italy already offer gaming licenses for casinos and each site that wants to service players from that country needs to have a license. This ensures that all sites are up to par and that they meet the standards and the tight criteria of each government. However, for all countries, this is not the case. 

  • For instance, Norway and Finland fall under the grey area still. Though online gambling is allowed in both countries, the online gaming market is not regulated. So, for players it can be hard to know where to start and what sites to join. Our purpose as an experienced iGaming company is to help players and point them in the right direction, Shojaei explains. 

As Value Marketing is committed to only recommending top sites of the highest quality, readers will gladly return to the site time after time, as they know they will only find good and useful information that they can even share with their friends and family.

In conclusion

The iGaming market is very competitive and becoming a successful business requires hard work and dedication. Value Marketing saw potential and a problem they could solve, so they jumped at an opportunity, harnessed its power, and took advantage of it in the best possible way. 

Now, the goal for Value Marketing is to take over the iGaming world country by country and to service players all over the world. The online gambling trend shows absolutely no signs of slowing down - on the contrary. There are hundreds of wonderful online casinos out there, which offers many possibilities, but also confuses players who are not yet familiar with the business. Fortunately, Value Marketing offers its helping hand and guides less experienced players through the iGaming world, while providing comprehensive resources for more experienced players who want to stay in the loop about the latest happenings.