An imprisoned child abuser -- who sexually assaulted and murdered a toddler he babysat in 1997 -- is soon going to be a free man at the end of the month.

Cayce Williams, 47, was convicted in 2006 after pleading guilty to the first-degree murder and criminal assault of 20-month-old Quortney Kley, his ex-girlfriend’s daughter while she was away at work. Williams was trusted with the babysitting duties of both Kley and her 5-year-old sibling.

As per a recent report on NYPost, Williams, who has served half of his 48-year prison term will be released on February 25- the same day the toddler died, 24 years ago. The verdict however left many, including the toddler’s mother Margaret Morgan aghast.

“You go into this mental shock,” said Morgan to the Chicago Tribune. “You go into that flight or fight mode. What do I do next? I don’t really understand what’s going on. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Baby Quortney was rushed to a local hospital with deep injuries. An autopsy revealed she was sexually assaulted and her death resulted from severe beating and internal bleeding. The observations led to the medical authorities alerting the Elgin police of the crime.

The Truth-in-Sentencing law in Illinois has changed over the years. In 1997, when Williams was charged, felons convicted of heinous crimes have to serve the entire term. In 1999, however, things changed as the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional hence slashing the sentencing term in half.

Williams has been in the Dixon Correctional Center since May 2006, and faced the death penalty but reached a plea agreement with the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office.

Quortney Kley
Quortney Kley was sexually assaulted and killed by her mother's ex-boyfriend1997. (Margaret Morgan / HANDOUT)

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