Immigration Protests, August 2014
Immigration Protesters. Reuters

On Saturday, the White House announced President Obama’s decision to postpone executive action on immigration as it will be “more sustainable” to do so after the elections on November 4, this year. Obama spoke to NBC's Chuck Tood and said there are many concerns related to the increasing children immigration coming from Latin America, which affected this debate. The President stated, "What I'm saying is that I'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country. But it's going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we've done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary." He continued by saying, “I want to spend some time, even as we're getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, I also want to make sure that the public understands why we're doing this, why it's the right thing for the American people, why it's the right thing for the American economy.

Director of the Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, Jorge Mario Cabrera, said this was an “ill informed decision” taken by the President, which will affect both, the Democratic and the Republican Party. “The executive changes for millions to emerge from the shadows of a broken migration system, have to happen right now, not tomorrow.” Cabrera concluded by saying, “over 74,000 people have been put through the process of deportation since the President announced his plans to help the suffering of the immigrant community on June 30. Sadly, those cowards hiding behind their supposed political allies in the Democratic Party, won. With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

The Service Employees International Union stated they were “completely disheartened” with the President’s decision to delay executive action as this “affects the dreams of millions of immigrant families who work hard and contribute to the economical development of the American society.” Immigrants all over the country are outraged by the unfullfillment of promises and dissapointed that they have to continue to wait. People are begginning to lose hope.

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