A 57-year-old man got his due for continuously harassing his ex-wife. Identified as Romney Christopher Ellis, the man from Indianapolis spent years stalking and harassing his former partner that reportedly started as early as 2012.

Ellis was sentenced to prison on Tuesday for his serial campaign on his former who resides in Tampa. The years of torment included the 57-year-old sending a dead rat to the woman’s home in Florida. The package even included a black rose.

It was in 2012 when a Hillsborough County judge issued multiple domestic violence injunctions against Ellis. Instead of adhering to the order, the 57-year-old defied the injunction and continued to threaten and stalk his former partner. He was even convicted of aggravated stalking in 2013.

But that did not stop Ellis from continuing his wrath. In 2019, he continued to torment his wife with threats via text, photographs and videos.

In one of the messages, Ellis had intended to travel from Indiana to Florida where he allegedly planned to decapitate and set the victim on fire. The 57-year-old also sent some racially and sexually charged statements according to the police, not to mention sexually explicit images of himself.

It was only in February that investigators were able to secure a warrant to search the home of Ellis. They found a handwritten note containing the names and addresses of the victim and the victim’s family and friends.

Further, Ellis had a history of repeated stalking. It appears his former wife was not the only victim of his wrongdoings. As early as 1993, 14 victims got protective orders against Ellis over his harassment, stalking, threats, and acts of violence based on court documents.

Ellis pleaded guilty to the charges in April. He will serve four years and 10 months in federal prison per a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Middle District of Florida.

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