Large crocodile that swallowed young boy captured in Indonesia
Baby Crocodile Miracle In Morocco Viral Press photo

A 26-foot crocodile was captured and cut open after swallowing a boy last Mar. 3. At the time, the boy identified as Dimas Mulkan Saptura went fishing with his father at East Kalimantan, Indonesia before straying away.

It was here when the boy was dragged by the crocodile with the father, Subliansyah, giving chase. He hit it with his bare hands but could not keep up with the huge reptile. The boy was swallowed with the crocodile not even chewing.

From there, the Oktaviano (a local search and rescue agency) helped track down the creature. They were able to capture the crocodile on Mar. 4 roughly 100 meters from where the boy was attacked and swallowed whole, Merdeka reported.

Local who were around when the six-meter crocodile was found were shouting the boy’s name, hoping that he was still alive. But after it was cut open, almost broke down in tears to see the lifeless but intact body of Dimas.

The primary school pupil’s body was immediately taken to a funeral home while the crocodile was eventually buried.

"After we found the crocodile we split its stomach [open],” Bongga Losong, head of the Rescue Team for the East Kutai SAR Post said. "Then we took the child to the funeral home. We buried the crocodile."

It was the second crocodile attack that involved a young boy. Some weeks back, another eight-year-old boy named Ardiansyah was also killed Ardiansyah as he was bathing in the river. As of this writing, his body has yet to be found.

26-foot crocodile that swallowed boy in Indoneisa cut open
26-foot crocodile that swallowed boy in Indoneisa cut open Viral Press photo

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