Ariana Grande is a true queen when handling the members of her fandom, a difficult feat for someone with 160 million followers on Instagram alone. Her strong following comes as no surprise because of her stellar performances and award-winning singing talent.

Grande admits that she shares an intense connection with the “Arianators,” a moniker that hardcore fans of the artist call themselves. Grande’s relationship with her fans is so personal, even bordering a bit on the eccentric side of things.

Her Fans’ Opinions Are A Priority

The “Love Me Harder” singer holds her fans’ opinions in high regard, taking their opinions even before her label finds out about her new projects. “Everyone thinks I’m crazy for doing it, but I care about what they have to say more than I care about what anyone at my label has to say, no offense,” she explained.

She Directly Talks And Communicates With Her Fans

Grande is very unfiltered with her fans, even talking to them directly at times. “The thing that makes me feel OK with opening up and finally allowing myself to be vulnerable is that I know [my fans] feel the same feelings,” she stated.

“I've talked to them about it. I have fans that have become friends of mine. I have their numbers, and we talk all the time,” she continued.

Her fans get to see a very authentic version of the singer as she opens up about her inner feelings, connecting with them in a very intimate way. “I’ve been open in my art and open in my DMs and my conversations with my fans directly, and I want to be there for them, so I share things that I think they’ll find comfort in knowing that I go through as well,” she said.

But Boundaries Are Still Important

Despite her outstanding relationship with her fans, she still maintains a distinct barrier for her own personal peace of mind. She realizes that some things may be too personal or painful, or she has yet to understand and process what had happened. “But also there are a lot of things that I swallow on a daily basis that I don’t want to share with them, because they’re mine,” she stated.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande with an oversized ponytail at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Getty Images