“Inside Out,” a movie that last came out in 2015 is finally getting a sequel after Disney and Pixar confirmed “Inside Out 2.”

For those who may have forgotten about what the animated film was about, it revolved around the inner emotions of young girl Riley as she struggles to adjust to her family's cross-country move to San Francisco.

Now, the situation will be different and a bit more complicated. Joy and Sadness, two opposed emotions, are caught up journeying far from the mental control room and need to return before the life of Riley is ruined.

“Inside Out” was a huge success when it was released in 2015, grossing over $858 million at the worldwide box office and garnering the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Director Pete Docter was initially hesitant to create a sequel but this was something in the air for years. Now, folks who have been waiting will finally get their wish, allegedly in 2024.

The announcement also comes out earlier than expected. Most speculated it would happen at the D23 Expo.

Also confirmed was that Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader would not be reprising their roles of Disgust and Fear for the film due to an alleged contract dispute. It will be interesting how this will be addressed. Should they stay, all eyes will be on who could be taking their place.

There will be likely new people coming in with Amy Poehler teasing that new emotions will be introduced on “Inside Out 2.”

Finally, this will be an interesting twist for Pixar as far as franchise filmmaking is concerned. Initially touted as focusing on creating original films, this is not the first time that they have hidden such plans.

A good example is “Cars” and “Toy Story,” both of which have come out with several installments. Hence, it will be interesting how they will make “Inside Our 2” interesting.

Disney Pixar's 'Inside Out'
Disney Pixar's 'Inside Out' takes us somewhere no one dares to go! Disney Pixar

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