Free, interactive, real-time map to the best candy in your neighborhood. Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

Just in time for the holiday, Halloween Candy Map by Current launches today and is available through a free web app. This fun, interactive map helps kids and parents find and report the best Halloween candy from their phones.


one likes raisins on Halloween. No one," says Chris Lawson, founder of Current, a company focused on building and launching innovative and fun products including Halloween Candy Map. "Remember when you were a kid, and you found the house that was giving out full-size candy bars, left a bowl of candy that read,

"please take one" or even houses that gave out money? It was

like hitting the lottery! Then there were the houses that gave out fruit, boxes of raisins or worse

…toothbrushes," adds Lawson. "Halloween Candy Map

was created because I wanted it for my family. At my house, we give away great candy to the kids and a special treat for the parents. We love meeting our neighbors, watching the kids light up when they see full-size candy bars and seeing the adults come running when you tell them there is a Solo cup with their name on it. We expect neighborhood maps to

start filling up hours before trick or treating starts around the country and keep going throughout the night."

Halloween Candy Map allows user-submitted reports of where the good—and bad—candy is in their neighborhoods. Families can add their own house or apartment to the map if they want to brag about how good their candy is, and trick-or-treater citizen journalists can report what they find. Users select the type and size of candy and an overall star rating. They can also comment to leave tips for others, e.g., "cool haunted house" and "adult treats too!" Others looking for the best candy in their areas can zoom into the map to see their locations and read ratings and reviews at a glance.

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