Adamari Lopez makes TV history in Quien Caerá
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MIAMI - Adamari López debuts tonight as the first woman to host a reality show on Spanish-language TV in the U.S. with "Quién Caerá," the new show on the Unimás network. The Puerto Rican artist received Latin Times at Univision's Miami headquarters with a new look and was very excited about the premiere of the show she taped in Uruguay for several months in 2023.

"I had so much fun during the taping that I'm counting the hours until it airs and people can see it," said an excited Lopez. Clad in an orange jumpsuit and shorts and with her hair blonder than ever, the Puerto Rican star confessed that she is thrilled to be making history.

Adamari López makes history on TV

"I am the first woman to host a game show on Spanish-language television in the United States and the second to do it nationally. The first was Ellen de Generes," she said.

"This is something I'm very proud of. Not only because of my career, although I have always been ready to learn and continue to grow personally and professionally, but because I see myself setting an example for my daughter and other Latina girls," she added.

She is also thankful. "I am grateful to TelevisaUnivision. They keep giving me opportunities to continue growing professionally, to do what I like, to be in contact with the public, to know the stories of each one of those people who came to the show, and to somehow give them the opportunity to earn money and fulfill their dreams. I had a lot of fun, and I think the public will have fun, and I know that each one of the participants also had fun," Adamari López added.

How is "Quién Caerá", the new Adamari López show

According to her, each week, a group of five people vie to win a cash prize. "Throughout the show, contestants must correctly answer different general culture questions in various modalities to amass the most money possible and emerge victorious."

"It made me realize how much I know and how much I don't know, which was also great because it led me to research, learn, and expand my knowledge, which also allowed me to help the contestants. It was a wonderful experience," the Puerto Rican host added.

The Uruguayan experience

The only downside was having to be apart from her daughter, Alaïa Costa-López, born during her relationship with dancer and choreographer Toni Costa. However, she learned to manage mothering from abroad, and the girl traveled to her side as soon as school in Miami was over.

They had a lot of fun together, going to soccer games, visiting the nearby beaches, and doing a lot of sightseeing. López also enjoyed the "amazing" Uruguayan meat and pastries. "It was amazing, and I can't go back. Let's hope there is a second season," she added.

"Quién Caerá": Unimás, Mon to Fri 7pm, 6 pm CT

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