Adamari López On Daughter Alaïa: TV Host Shares Motherhood Experience, More [PHOTOS]

Adamari López on Daughter Alaïa
Alaïa celebrating her second birthday! Photo: Courtesy

In honor of Mother’s Day, TV host and actress Adamari López shares her five favorite motherhood moments, from daughter's Alaïa’s first beach day, to dancing with dad Toni Costa, to her first birthday. 

“I love everything that comes with motherhood: seeing her wake up and smile in the morning, enjoying bath time with her, seeing how she grows, watching her sleep,” said the Puerto Rican. “I love the sleepless nights; I love being a little girl again thanks to our games. I love to see how she imitates everything her dad and I do, and to see myself in her gestures and character. Those are some of the things I enjoy most about being a mom.”

  • 5 Motherhood MOMents
  1. Alaïa’s birth: “Alaïa arrived at the same time that my father had passed away just three weeks earlier. He would call me to get up during the week at 4:45 a.m. to be sure I had not overslept for work. I have no doubt that my parents were present from heaven along with the rest of the family on the day of her birth,”  said the host of the Telemundo morning show "Un Nuevo Día."
  2. Her Baptism: “Alaïa's Christening was another special and memorable time. She received the baptismal waters from my nephew who recently had become a priest and all the members of my family on both my mother’s and father’s side were there, plus my dear friends in Puerto Rico. My brother decorated the house with flowers, cake, typical Puerto Rican food and little details that made it an afternoon full of joy and life.”
  3. First beach day: “After Alaïa's baptism in Puerto Rico, we went to Spain to celebrate the arrival of our first child with Toni’s father's family. They hosted a beautiful party to introduce her to his family, filled with traditions from my mother-in-law’s hometown and created new traditions for the next time we visit. While in Spain, we had the opportunity to take her to the beach for the first time in Ibiza. Although it was summer, the water was freezing. Alaïa would lift her little feet up whenever she felt the icy water and would run her hands through the sand without knowing what it was. We brought her sunscreen, hats, and European-styled bathing suit—just the bottom piece of the suit—and toys. I was so happy, enjoying every part of my new life with my daughter and my partner.”
  4. First (and Second!) Birthday: “Alaïa's first birthday was an unforgettable event. I wanted everything to be perfect and magical. We had family members from Puerto Rico and Spain in attendance. Alaïa was already walking and although she didn’t understand completely what we would tell her, she played and enjoyed her party and everyone who came to celebrate her special day with her.”

    “Alaïa's second birthday party this March was another magical affair (exclusive pics below!). Her ice cream themed party would not have been complete without the incredible Target products sprinkled throughout, such as Pillowfort Industrial Kids Activity ChairPillowfort Ice Cream Cone Throw PillowPillowfort Unicorn Character and Oh Joy! Heart Ottoman!

  5. Dancing with Dad: “I cannot fail to mention the dances in the middle of the room with her dad, where she melts into his arms and repeats every move her daddy teaches her. I fall more in love with Toni every day seeing how loving and involved he is with Alaïa and how well they get along. He never ceases to surprise me.”


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