Last week, Apple was supposed to release the iOS 8.0.1 update. The patch was supposed to solve a number of bugs including battery life, stability issues, and more. The iOS 8.0.1 was supposed to also improve Apple Pay. However, users that downloaded iOS 8.0.1 lost cell signal and could not use their TouchID function. In response to the issues, Apple quickly pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update.

Apple speculators believe the next iOS 8.1 update (not to be mistaken for 8.0.1) will arrive in October. Following 8.1, there will not be another update for the new iOS 8 until Q1 of 2015. The timeframe for iOS 8.2, which will update pairing protocol, also concides with the scheduled release of the Apple Watch. It looks like Apple iOS 8 updates will be few and far between, so what's an iPhone nerd to do? Not to worry: the iOS 8 jailbreaks are coming.

Between 8.1 and 8.2, there will be a couple of months for jailbreakers to build an unlock for the new iOS 8. According to IBTimes Australia, the updates signals an imminent iOS 8 jailbreak, Speculators predict an iOS 8 jailbreak could arrive as soon as November 2014, or December at the latest.

The Evad3r Team have been the consistent jailbreakers for the iOS 6 and iOS 7. Last year, the Evasi0n7 for the iOS 7 was released in Dec. 2013.

“i6 [iPhone 6 and 6 Plus] iBoot log (n56, compared to k93) hints at lots of new, perhaps buggy, code :),” tweeted Evad3rd member MuscleNerd.

However, the Evad3rs aren't the only ones looking to hack iOS 8-- Chinese team Pangu is racing to develop an iOS 8 jail hack as well. For now, we can only hope that we can enjoy two available iOS 8 jailbreaks by Christmas 2014. Stay tuned as we follow the updates regarding the iOS 8 jailbreak.