The iPad Pro 2020 is a long-awaited gadget among Apple fans since the company did not release a tablet last year. Here are some of the leaks and rumors about the upcoming gadget.

iPad Pro 2020 release date

There are rumors saying that the iPad Pro 2020 release date might arrive by March this year, according to Tech Radar. Meanwhile, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that it will likely come out during the first half of 2020 but did not offer a specific month when the gadget might hit the shelves.

What’s interesting is that the same report also suggested that a new iPad Pro 2020 would be arriving by the third quarter this year. If both predictions are correct, it could mean that there might be two launches for the gadget in 2020.

iPad Pro 2020 Price

Apple has not yet officially announced the 2020 line of iPad Pro, which also means that there is no word about how much the gadgets might cost. However, the iPad Pro has always been priced at the higher end of the spectrum and it’ll likely remain that way for future releases.

To prepare potential buyers of the upcoming tablets, the current-gen model, the 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch, costs $799 for the variant which has 64GB of storage while the one with a 1TB storage capacity has a price tag of $1,549. The larger 12.9-inch version costs $999 for the 64GB model while the variant with 1TB of storage is priced $1,899.

Three-Lens Back Camera

One of the most exciting iPad Pro 2020 specs and feature rumors is that it might get a serious upgrade when it comes to its rear camera assembly. This is based on a supposed leak photo for the upcoming gadget showing three cameras at the back of the iPad.

While it was not revealed that these three sensors might be, there are speculations that it might have the same lens combination as that of the iPhone 11 Pro. This means that its main camera would have a 12 12MP f/1.8 lens, there will also be a 12MP f/2.0 telephoto lens and the third one is a 12MP f/2.4 ultra-wide lens.

There are also talks that the third one might be a ToF lens to give the gadget 3D sensing capability. It still remains to be seen which among the three lenses get replaced by the ToF if these rumors are accurate.

Improved Features

Most smartphone flagship models offer 5G connectivity as a standard feature these days. Hence, it won’t come as a surprise of the upcoming 2020 iPad Pro will have this feature as well.

The tablets are expected to arrive with improved displays compared to the current-gen models. While the previous iPads sport LCD screens, the upcoming models will have improves displays considering that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 already features a Super AMOLED screen.

The all-new Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras offer a wider field of view, great for taking landscape or architecture photos, tight shots and more. Apple

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