The possibility of seeing a new iPad Pro in 2023 has been suggested by most although it doesn’t appear to be happening.

Most have been associating a potential OLED display-backed iPad Pro for some time now although it appears the earliest that may happen is by 2024.

This is according to Mark Gurman in the latest edition of “Power On.” He suggests that 2023 will be a dull year for the Apple tablet, hinting that there may be no upgrades on the horizon for the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini or even the entry-level iPad.

With no potential significant happening on the iPad, the wait could be to make sure that the tablet is being prepared properly for a major revamp that could happen as early as 2024.

Gurman suggests that the Cupertino company may be working on modifications for the iPad Pro, something that may include an updated design that includes possibly incorporating an OLED display.

It should be worth noting that Gurman did not delve into specifics on what to expect from the iPad Pro. There is even talk that the iPad Pro lineup could get microLED displays in 2024.

However, the latest claim right now on that is that the first Apple product line that would be getting that would be the Apple Watch Ultra set to come out in 2024.

Moreover, the other Apple product lines such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac lineup will be getting microLED technology by 2025.

This comes not long after word spread that Apple would be releasing an iPad Pro this year. Some feel that it may come out by next spring and show off an updated design as well as OLED screens.

Also, the screens will allegedly include larger displays, possibly larger than the 16-inch ones currently being offered, The Information reportedly last October.

Other rumored specs include possibly seeing the next iPad Pro with MagSafe and something that will possibly rely on wireless charging due to a glass-back makeover to ensure that it will be strong.

iPadPro2017 Apple rumored to release three new iPad Pros around Spring 2017 Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)