As rivals in the high-end niche, upcoming smartphones iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S11 are expected to have top-of-the-line specs and features. In fact, recent reports suggest that both Apple and Samsung’s future flagships will have significantly improved battery technology compared to current-gen models and it might be due to one feature.

Recent Apple iPhone 12 leaks suggest that the upcoming phone will ramp up its battery capacity compared to the current iPhone 11, according to Forbes. This is based on the leaked details about its battery protection model, which is smaller than its predecessor.

The design changes noted freed up a lot of internal volume, which translates to a potential larger power cell. With a larger battery, this could ultimately mean more power for the iPhone 12.

“The report claims the smaller module would be supplied by Korea's ITM Semiconductor,” MacRumors wrote, referring to an article by the Korean site The Elec. “A battery protection circuit helps to prevent over-charging and over-discharging. The new module from ITM Semiconductor combines the protection circuit with a MOSFET and PCB, eliminating the need for a holder case.”

Apple_iPhone-11-Pro_A13-Bionic_091019_big The Apple-designed A13 Bionic sets a new bar for smartphone performance and power efficiency. Apple

Similarly, Samsung’s upcoming flagship is rumored to have a larger battery as well. According to Tech Radar, this is possible since the Galaxy S11 will also have a smaller battery protection module just like its rival.

The battery protection module is an important component of any smartphone as its job is to prevent overcharging and the potential damage it might cause to the gadget. Korean firm ITM Semiconductor reportedly came up with a way to make the module smaller paving the way for a larger battery cell without a corresponding increase in overall phone size.

Tech Radar wrote that ITM managed to come up with a battery module that is 50 percent smaller in size compared to its current models. However, the report did not give an estimate on the corresponding increase in battery capacity for either iPhone 12 or Galaxy S11.

There’s a reason why both future flagships might need more power to operate. Based on reports, the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S11 will be 5G capable and the added 5G components will result in an increase in power demand.