The iPhone 12 release date is still months away but Apple fans’ imagination is already on overdrive trying to figure out what the gadget could look like. Thankfully, a set of photos were uploaded in a new leak revealing a stunning phone that sports what is described as an “industrial look.”


The leak came from Apple and mobile tech news blogger Ben Geshin, according to Geshin, who is notorious for leaking Apple-related news, posted several photos of the iPhone 12 to satisfy fans’ curiosity on what the upcoming smartphone would look like.


“Here’s what iPhone could look like with iPad Pro like design,” Geshin caption his tweet. The gadget enthusiast then uploaded photos of what appeared to be a mock-up of the iPhone 12.


Geshin described the smartphone as having an industrial look with an iPad Pro-esque design. “Personally, I love this industrial look and feel with sharp edges and really want Apple to make this design change,” the blogger wrote. “I’m definitely a fan of iPad Pro design as well as iPhone 4 and 5.”


Fans were quick to point out that Geshin’s uploaded images featured a notch-less phone. However, he clarified in his later comments that the notch will likely remain but fans could expect it to get smaller.


While the unofficial photos will certainly bring excitement to Apple fans, other updates about the upcoming smartphone are a bit worrying. For instance, The Inquirer reported that the iPhone 12 line could be the most expensive.


The reason for its potentially higher price tag is that it will contain new components for 5G capability. In addition, the phone will reportedly sport a new metal case adding to its manufacturing costs.


A newer but larger motherboard will be used to accommodate the 5G antenna, claimed analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. However, the new hardware will jack up costs by 35 percent.


Meanwhile, its redesigned body is reportedly between 50 to 60 percent more expensive to manufacture. This could result in the iPhone 12 being 40 to 50 percent more expensive than the current iPhone 11. If the company decides to pass the added manufacturing expenses to buyers, the unit could end up with a price tag of around £1,100.

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