iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Drop Tests Claim Apple's Newest iPhone More Durable

If you're still debating about whether or not to upgrade from Apple's iPhone 4S to the 5 and can't find a compelling reason, consider durability in the decision making process.

According to the folks over at Cygnett, the iPhone 5 handled a four foot drop "quite well."

"Even with no case involved the new brushed aluminum design seems to handle the rough ground somewhat okay," Cory Gunther said. "No shattered glass everywhere and the back still looks pretty, aside from a few scratches. The front glass covering that beautiful and bigger 4-inch Retina Display takes on a little damage however. This time around it surely isn't bad and won't hider your usage too bad."

In a Mashable test, the iPhone 5 was dropped from different heights - pocket height, shoulder height, ear height and from about six feet above a cobblestoned road.

"The iPhone 5 survived every time with no cracks in the display," Pete Pachal of Mashable said. "Even from the highest position, the iPhone only had cosmetic - although very noticeable - damage to the edges."

In tests conducted by iFixYouri, the iPhone 5 did fairly well.

When it was dropped from the lap, the tester said it phone "passed with flying colors." If you happen to drop the phone when you go to put in your pocket, "no problem... it survives that drop too." From the knee, waist and chest heights, the phone still worked with no noticeable damage. From shoulder height, "the frame did bend a bit."

So with the iPhone 4S, there's a different story.

According to a test done by UnitediPhoneRepair, "it took only 2 drops to damage iPhone 4."

"Though we are not sure if you would ever end up dropping your iPhone from that height and if it would also hit the ground face down," the site said in a blog post.

From shoulder height on to the concrete, the 4S survived. However, when dropped facedown, the screen shattered.

According to Gizmodo, the iPhone 4S is similar to its predecessor.

"The iPhone 4 has never been lauded for the durability of its glass panels," they wrote. "The iPhone 4S is no different. While the chemically-strengthened front screen could survive a tumble from waist and shoulder level, the back panel shattered instantly. And when dropped face down from waist level, the front screen exploded into pieces."

What do you think?