iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: Debut Expected Next Summer With Bigger Edge-Edge Screen

iPhone 6 concept
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The latest rumor to come flying out of the iPhone 6 rumor mill suggests that the phone will be released next summer with a bigger screen. Apple released the iPhone 5S in September and people quickly began to speculate about the next iPhone, the iPhone 6. Usually where Apple products are concerned it is best to wait until the official announcement about the product is made by the company. While rumors run rampant Apple usually keeps a tight lip about their signature products. Although rumors about certain features for the iPhone 5S did prove to be true, like the thumb print lock screen.

So let us jump on this rumor bandwagon for a moment and join in the speculation about what features the iPhone 6 will have. As previously stated the next generation iPhone is expected to be released next summer, which is much sooner than people previously believed. Rumors also say that the new iPhone will have a larger screen and Apple analyst Gene Munster is calling it a "blockbuster." The analyst spoke with Business Insider and made his predictions about the iPhone 6.

While Munster is enthusiastic about the iPhone being released next summer, todaysiphone.com is casting doubts about Apple's ability to produce a larger iPhone any time before the fall of 2014. The tech website points out that the company has had a lot of success launching hardware in the September or October months. Apple is reportedly working on a wearable wrist device known as the iWatch. With all of the speculation about the iWatch and with a similar device already on the market it is unlikely Apple will push the iPhone when it wants to get the iWatch launched.

Just to stay on the iPhone 6 rumor bandwagon let's round up all of the current gossip about the iPhone's features and release date. The iPhone 6 is said to be out next summer but a fall 2014 release date is more likely. Features of the new iPhone include a larger screen, possibly 5-inches. Better battery life is also a rumor for the iPhone 6, which makes sense since the screen is said to be larger. The camera will get another upgrade and gaze detection technology is also a big rumor. Open apps on the iPhone 6 will now automatically close when the user takes his or her eyes away from the screen.

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