iPhone 6 speculation has been charging ahead since the release of the iPhone 5s as Apple fans eagerly await the release of the next generation smartphone. And while rumors concerning the new iPhone's hardware have been running rampant, fans are most eager to learn not so much the WHAT as the WHEN of the phone's release. The latest consesus suggests that the new phone will launch in September 2014.

iPhone 6's release in September 2014 has been suggested by a report from Citi Research: according to the International Business Times, the report concludes that the iPhone will be released in the second quarter of 2014." According to the report, Apple is trying to create a boundary between its consumer-oriented and professionally-oriented products. As such, the most likely time for the iPhone 6 to launch would be in September. 

The latest rumors on the iPhone 6 new features include a Sapphire-glass display, a refocusable light camera, Touch ID recognition and a larger display. You can see the whole roundup here.