Fresh off of its September 16 release date debut, the iPhone 7 is facing criticism from users and industry analysts alike. The 10th generation Apple flagship phone is no different from other manufactured gadgets that are bound to have a defect or a glitch or two in its first production batch. As MacRumors reports, pre-order customers who began receiving their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 handsets on launch day discovered an odd noise coming the back of their iDevices.

One iPhone 7 owner, 512 Pixels writer, Stephen Hackett took to Twitter and posted a video, proving what appears to be a “hissing noise” emanating from his  brand new iPhone 7 Plus. According to iMore , the “hissing” or “buzzing” sound that becomes audible when the iPhone 7 is under heavy tasking is nothing to worry about. Previous generation iPhones, iPads, Macs and other non-Apple electronic devices make similar noises while tasking.

It’s speculated that the all new powerful A10 Fusion processor under the hood is the culprit behind the iPhone 7 “Hissgate” or “Buzzgate”scandal. The upgraded CPU brings along with it 3.3 billion transistors, notes a Chipworks teardown, essentially giving the iPhone 7 a significant performance in comparison to its predecessors A9 SoC. This workhorse of a chip bests the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Snapdragon 820 in a speed test showdown.

iPhone7Plus iPhone 7 Plus Hissgate joins the list of Apple's controversial launch day issues. Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Apple has had its fair share of iPhone controversies prior to “Hissgate”--let’s not forget the iPhone 6 “Bendgate” scandal where some owners of the device reported that the phone was prone to bending. It’s successor, the iPhone 6s brought about the “Chipgate” controversy  where A9 processors supplied to Apple by Samsung varied in performance when compared to chips made by TSMC. Then there was the iPhone 5 Scuffgate, where new phones had small scratches and nicks on them, straight from the factory. And who can forget the iPhone 4’s infamous “Antennagate” debacle that plagued customers with an excessive amount of dropped calls? As history repeats itself with the iPhone 7 Hissgate controversy, Apple is standing behind its flagship phone yet again. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners are encouraged to visit a local Apple Genius Bar to swap their buzzing device for a new replacement when supplies become available.