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After Apple revealed its iOS 9 software at WWDC 2015 fans expected the company to showcase an all-new iPhone to accommodate the new OS. But that didn't happen leaving the world to wonder when will Apple reveal a new iPhone? Many reports have surfaced purported parts of the iOS device and all have indicated Apple will announce the new device later this fall at its annual press event.

The latest "iPhone 6s/7" release date speculation comes from European mobile providers, who are prepping for an iPhone launch Sept. 18. According to German Apple news site Macerkopf, carriers are expecting the "iPhone 6s/7" to be available for purchase beginning on that date, which is in line with many of the previous rumors and also falls in line with past Apple launches.

Furthermore, earlier this month, BuzzFeed reporter John Packzkowski, who has reliably predicted several Apple event dates in the past, said the company would hold its "iPhone 6s/7" event Wednesday, Sept. 9. Typically after launch events Apple starts accepting pre-orders the Friday of the event week, before starting to ship orders on the following week.

If Apple does indeed accept iPhone pre-orders, we can expect them to become available beginning Sept. 11, with the iPhone then shipping out to customers Sept. 18, which is the date cited by German carriers. Of course, all of this is speculation but it does seem to line up very well.

If you recall Apple introduced the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, Sept. 9, than began accepting pre-orders Friday Sept. 12 and launched the device on Friday Sept. 19. It certainly appears that the rumored new iPhone will follow almost the same launch timeline. As for iOS 9, Apple usually releases the OS a few days prior to the iPhone becoming available. Many sites suggest we will see a full public launch on Wednesday Sept. 16.

Meanwhile, Apple's "iPhone 6s/7" is expected to feature a new A9 processor, 2 GB RAM, a new Force Touch feature and an improved camera. The sizes of the both the regular and plus device are expected to remain the same, with a small increase in thickness and height to accommodate Force Touch capabilities.

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