One of Spain's most flamboyant singers, Isabel Pantoja has been sentenced to two years in prison and is expected to turn herself in in order to be put in jail for money laundering charges. A judge in the Provincial Hearing of Malaga in the south of Spain, rejected the last “annulment incident” the singer and his lawyers presented, for which she now has three days to voluntarily put herself behind bars. If the Pantoja doesn’t show up before the term, authorities will issue an arrest warrant and will capture her themselves.

“None of the basic rights have been violated and therefore we are rejecting her intent to annul the sentence,” said the judge. The Spanish law will allow 58-year-old Pantoja to choose the penitentiary center she will spend her sentence in, but it has yet to be announced which will be her prison of choice.

Pantoja, was originally arrested in 2007 after a construction bribery investigation case in the resort town of Marbella in which her ex-boyfriend and Marbella's former mayor, Julián Muñoz, were also charged. The judge has set her fine to 1.14 million euros ($1.49 MM) and a jail sentence of two years for multiple money laundering offences, according to the local media. On top of the jail sentence, local authorities set a fine of $1.4MM, which the singer has began to make payments for.

Pantoja’s sentence has no doubt shaken the entertainment industry in the European country, especially after she had to cancel four concerts which she had previously scheduled for November and December, in hopes that her case would come to a better ending.