The Islamic State may have lost strength but it does not mean that it is completely eliminated, and now it is making use of other resources to spread terror and insecurity in the world. Making use of social networks, ISIS has been given the task of creating disturbing and elaborated posters with images of well-known characters such as footballer Lionel Messi, Pope Francis and now with Santa Claus.

The new propaganda that has gone viral, threatens an attack in New York, in Times Square and to be more specific on Christmas day. The information that is being taken as a "warning" and was shared from the channels with encrypted messages of jihadist supporters showing Santa Claus standing on a ceiling not too high and close to a box with dynamite, indicate that the target is the conglomerate of people who visit the tourist area every day. With the quote “We meet at Christmas in New York… soon,” ISIS informs to the US that they are planning a holiday full of terror.

According to The Hill, ISIS has many reasons to hit on the holidays, and the main one is to inflict their misery and hatred upon us to avoid the displays of happiness, prosperity, and unity that characterizes us during the festivities celebrated in the Americas and Europe. The media site also informed that security and intelligence services are on high alert after the threat.

Recently, the terrorist group threatened to attack the 2018 World Cup, publishing a creepy poster, where the Argentine professional athlete, Lionel Messi, appears behind bars and crying blood. 

Despite al the threats, CNN Politics informed that U.S. President Donald Trump thinks the United States won the fight against ISIS after "major military operations" took place in the city of Raqqa. "I totally changed rules of engagement. I totally changed our military, I totally changed the attitudes of the military and they have done a fantastic job," Trump said on "The Chris Plante Show." "ISIS is now giving up, they are giving up, there are raising their hands, they are walking off. Nobody has ever seen that before."

When the US-backed forces fighting ISIS, Trump was quick to attribute the success against ISIS to his own impact on the US military, according to CNN. "Because you didn't have Trump as your president," he said. "It was a big difference, there was a big, big difference if you look at the military now."

"I changed rules of engagement about a month ago and we are fighting now to win as opposed to fighting to stay there. We were losing, now we are winning," Trump said.