New rumors and reports are suggesting that Apple is planning to launch their first ever-smart watch, the iWatch alongside the iPhone 6 in Oct. 2014. Reports say Apple has been testing two prototype iWatches but have not settled on a screen size yet.  The watch is said to have a wireless battery charger that will replenish the device when the wearer is 3-feet away. In September Samsung launched their smart watch device the Galaxy Gear but Apple is reported to have held back their device until they can fix the issue of battery life.

The screen size for the Samsung Galaxy Gear is 1.63-inch and the Sony SmartWatch 2 has a 1.6-inch display. Other iWatch rumors say Apple has hired the designer of the Nike FuelBand Ben Shaffer to work on the iWatch. If true it would support the rumors that the watch will have a strong focus on fitness and health. There was no conformation from Apple or Nike that Shaffer is on board so at the moment his participation on the project is still a rumor.

Among other iWatch rumors is the one that says Apple has teamed up with LG in order to make a flexible OLED display. The theory is the watch will have flexible and bendy screens. A Korean newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo cited "unnamed industry sources" that confirming the partnership with LG and went as far as to say the company made prototype displays to test on the iWatch. One sample iWatch was said to have a 1.5-inch flexible OLED panel and has been a limited production run.

The iWatch is rumored to have an Oct. 2014 release date alongside the iPhone 6. Rumors about what features the iPhone 6 will have began almost immediately after the iPhones 5s and 5c were released back in September. Originally the release date rumors slated the phone for a June 2014 release date. Features the phone is said to include are a wrap around display, touch screen identification, a track pad, an updated camera and improved battery life.

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