A lot of rumors have been sparking up since Carla Estrada announced she was leaving Televisa’s morning show “Hoy.” The Telenovela producer stated it was time for her to go back to Telenovelas and finish the projects she had left behind.

The first rumor began when Malillany Marín, who left the show at the same time Estrada did, told TVnotas Andrea Legarreta would be perfect for the job, “She is a woman that has been working on the show for many years, she has control, she can say do this, do that with her eyes closed, she knows the times, and she likes it.”

The second rumor, as published by TVyNovelas, suggests that Carmen Arméndariz is the production’s favorite to take the position, “I was invited to apply, they told us in advance so we could present a good project, something worthy,” Armendáriz told the publication.

And last but not least, all the current hosts allegedly fear for their future. New casting choices may occur when someone finally is named to take over the production; Armendáriz revealed she nominated Jacky Bracamontes, who just appeared on the show as a guest host, to be one of the new faces of “Hoy.”

Bracamontes has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, but she has been showing her excitement to be a part of the team during these past couple of days.