Andrea Legarreta
The "Hoy" co-host is tired of reading fake news stories about her online and hopes the lies will stop. GettyImages

Andrea Legarreta has been a staple in Mexican morning television as the one of the co-hosts of "Hoy" at Televisa. Her love life has always been a topic of conversation, being married to Timbiriche star Erik Rubín. Their marriage is always center of controversy and fake news from some publications and Legarreta has had enough. The star took to Instagram to slam those that create these false stories about her life and urges people to not believe in them following an article about her divorce from Rubín and an alleged tell-all interview she gave.

"Incredible and sad all this trash and lies that are published on social media," she wrote on Instagram. "I find myself with false information almost daily, including my personal life and work. But this is enough. People have an invented a supposed interview that I gave, where they make up a supposed rupture with Erik and the alleged reason is that I sell supplements that are surely gross and fake as their lies."

She also added: "What they are looking for is to generate morbidness to everyone that reads it so they can click on a link that connects them to a page where they sell products that have nothing to do with me. I am confident in the judgement of those on social media so they can see how there are liars, opportunists and abusive people out there so they won't fall in that trash."

Andrea Legarreta continued: "Our family is not affected by their lies because we are used to it, but what really worries me is the harm they can cause to those that fall for it and buy the products from these thieves. Please be careful. Don't hurt yourself with these products that they sell. Thanks for reading me."

Andrea Legarreta was the topic of controversy in 2016 when she fainted during the morning show and some media outlets reported that it was because she was pregnant. The veteran Televisa co-host felt ill after taping of the program concluded. Legarreta was absent on Tuesday of that week and her co-hosts explained why she was not there.

"We send our best wishes to our dear Andy Legarreta," Raúl Araiza said at the top of the talker. "She got a little sick, but she is getting her medical studies." In true Araiza form, he joked saying that Legarreta would come out "a little damaged." Galilea Montijo jumped in saying, "she already was." Montijo also added, "she scared us yesterday, but everything is fine. We hope that she comes back tomorrow." "El Burro" joked saying that they had found "in her breakfast a ticket for America, Chivas game and it upset her stomach."

Montijo said that she was there when Legarreta fainted and she caught her. It did not take long for people on social media to say that the host had fainted because she was pregnant. Legarreta has two young girls with singer Erick Rubín.

On Wednesday of that week Legarreta returned to the show. "I am more than ready," Legarreta said. She then joked with Montijo thanking her for "catching" her before hugging her. Galilea added, "I was telling [Andrea] that God has given me wings. I have saved 'Burro' and saved you ... but what a scare." Montijo mentioned all the crazy rumors adding, "the reliable sources say that you are pregnant."

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