It is a known practice to wait until a celebrity's child is old enough to start partying and making awful decisions that will make great stories and sell many papers or magazines, but sometimes these "kids" actually make it past the paparazzi and manage to live a very private life, although that doesn't mean the bad judgment calls are exempt.

That was the case of Jacqie Melina Campos, the second daughter of late singer Jenni Rivera. Although her mom was "La Diva de la Banda" and one of the biggest norteña music performers, Jacqie led a quiet life under the radar. Or so everyone thought.

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She recently joined the Christian brand NOTW and released a line of t-shirts designed by her, along with a heartfelt testimony that explained all of her struggles before finding Jesus and all her past mistakes that now don't really matter and ended up being a blessing in disguise somehow.

"I'm here to talk to you guys about God's amazing love and grace that He has had over my life," Jacqie began. "A lot of people think my life has been easy because of who my mom is, and that I have everything handed to me on a silver platter, but it's not like that." She added, "It may seem like that on the outside but it hasn't really been like that."

She continued saying that everything in her life changed the moment her dad left. "Just his absence had a complete effect on me, I was empty inside. I never really knew how important a father is to his daughter until that person's not there anymore."

Not having her dad there awakened all sorts of doubts in Jacqie, who was only 8 years old at the time. She felt it was her fault her dad left. "I was left with feelings of abandonment, like he didn't love me, I wasn't good enough for my dad and that's why he left," Jacqie said.

She later found out the truth, her dad had molested her and her sister, event Jacqie totally erased from her mind.

"I don't remember anything of that dramatic event. And I know that that's God, his grace over me, he was protecting me since the beginning," she said. But her feelings of abandonment were still there, and she was determined to find someone to fill the void her dad had left.

"I started having sexual relationships at a very young age, I was probably like 14, 15 [...] Since 15 to 19, I was just all over the place trying to fill that emptiness, trying to find someone who would love me and not leave me the way my dad did. And honestly I couldn't. [...] I ended up feeling used instead of loved," she said.

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The promiscuous lifestyle she was leading left her pregnant with her daughter, but instead of feeling like her world was ending, she was thankful because she would finally have someone who would love her no matter what.

"Thank God I got pregnant, God sent me my daughter so that I could stop that lifestyle. He sent me my daughter to love me the way that no one would. When I got pregnant, I thought 'Oh thank God. She's gonna love me forever, she has no choice,'" said Jacqie.

Her relationship with the father of her daughter didn't work out, so Jacqie decided to give up on men. She ended up falling in love with a girl, and although she had previously been involved with girls, this time was different.

"I fell hard and deep in love with this girl, but just because I was in love with her, didn't mean she was good for me. She actually took me to a lot of different new things that I hadn't experienced before, I started partying and doing ecstasy, I started going to raves, being out for days at a time, not taking care of my daughter, not loving her the way I was supposed to."

When her mom found out, she wasn't very supportive of her life choice and although didn't turn her back at her completely, Jacqie felt her absence. Jenni told her daughter that she was only going to be her mother but not her friend, and that she didn't want Jacqie coming to her for advice.

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Jenni also told Jacqie's daughter's father, who wanted to take away their child after finding out what Jacqie was up to. "I was heart-broken, I was sad," Jacqie remembered.

That was hitting rock bottom for her. And one day she decided to go to the church her aunt goes to and found herself relieved somehow, and realized that church was a good place for her. She began to turn her life around and was finally able to rekindle her relationship with her mother and being a good example for her own daughter.

She finished her message saying that your past doesn't matter as long as you work towards a better future.

Jacqie is currently in a relationship with Mike Campos, who's been a great support in turning her life around.