Jaime Camil Broadway Debut: Actor Says First 'Chicago' Scenes Were 'A Total Blur'

Jaime Camil on Broadway
Mexican actor Jaime Camil debuted on Broadway in the musical play "Chicago" on May 31, 2016. Twitter @JaimeCamil

Mexican actor Jaime Camil finally had his long-awaited Broadway debut in the musical play “Chicago” as the very charming Billy Flynn.

The “Jane the Virgin” actor began substituting for Ryan Silverman on Tuesday, May 31 (until July 3) and explained that, as much as he enjoyed his debut performance, the first scenes were a total blur. Camil explained the adrenaline rush was such that he completely forgot what happened during the initial part of the play.

The actor also said working with Bianca Marroquín is a tremendous delight as she, and the rest of the cast took him in with open arms. “What’s really beautiful about theatre is that there are no labels here’ it doesn’t matter if you come from movies or television, everyone here welcomes you,” he explained.

Camil also said he is extremely joyous to be representing his country on an international stage as prestigious as this one. “It fills me with pride to bring Mexico [to New York City] and be able to represent it well with my work and everything we’re achieving.”

Before his debut, Camil spoke exclusively to Latin Billboard and called his role in the musical “an amazing opportunity,” which came at a moment in his career where he really needed to be reminded of why he loves acting. “Musical theater is one of, if not my biggest, passions. If I had to put in order what I love to do the most, it would be musical theater, movies and then television,” Camil explained. “This opportunity comes in a perfect time, because I had just told my wife [Heidi] that I needed to go back onstage and remind myself why I love to act. And now, life, God and the universe have granted me this precious gift, which is to be on a Broadway show.”

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