Texas-born country singer Jake Hoot has just been crowned as champion of “The Voice” season 17, giving coach Kelly Clarkson her third victory on the show. Hoot’s win didn’t come as a surprise. Long before he wowed viewers at the finale, he had already drawn fans in with his down-to-earth country leanings and powerhouse vocals.

Now, he is more popular than he’s ever been in his life and more and more people are interested to know more about his personal life. If you’re one of them, read on and get to know more about Jake Hoot’s girlfriend and family:

He’s a devoted father of two

When he isn’t busy wowing audiences with his vocals, Hoot is busy being a father to his two kids. Well, he has only one biological kid, four-year-old Macy, but he has a girlfriend and he also treats his girlfriend’s daughter Hadley as his own. In fact, he once said to the Upper Cumberland Business Journal that Macy and Hadley are his greatest inspirations. “As a dad you want to be able to provide for them and always to take care of them, so they are definitely my driving force in everything I do,” he said.

He has an ex-wife

If you’re an avid follower of Jake Hoot on Instagram, then you know how much he loves showing off his girlfriend to the world. But while he often shares photos of his girlfriend on social media, he has never ever talked about his ex-wife. Yes, Hoot is a divorced man. In fact, when he performed his original song “Better Off Without You” on “The Voice,” he said the song had deep personal significance because it spoke to his experience of losing a marriage.

He’s in love

Needless to say, Hoot is head over heels for his current girlfriend, Bekah. Despite being a divorced single father, Hoot’s love life is far from over. In fact, Hoot offers a glimpse of his love life on Instagram every chance he gets, proudly sharing photos of his girlfriend to his followers. He also admitted in a previous interview that it was hard for him deciding to get out of Tennessee for “The Voice” auditions because he knew that meant having to be away from Bekah. The first time fans caught a glimpse of Jake Hoot’s girlfriend was at the final battle.  

He comes from a religious family

It may not seem like it, but Hoot’s parents are actually Baptist missionaries. This pretty much explains why the Texas native got used to relocating from one place to another as a child. When he was young, he spent some time in the Dominican Republic and Haiti because his missionary parents would always bring him and his siblings along with them wherever they went.

He has nine siblings

Jake Hoot doesn’t only come from a religious family but a BIG family. He and his eight siblings grew up together and spent most of their childhood moving from one place to another. Hoot was only 9 when their family moved to Dominican Republic for missionary work. He and most of his siblings were teens when they relocated out of Nashville to Cookeville, TN, where they all attended school.