Many fans of “The Voice” were surprised when NBC announced on Monday that Gwen Stefani was leaving the reality singing competition. Despite the sad news, however, some didn’t find the announcement shocking at all.

On Monday, the network confirmed that Stefani’s time on “The Voice” was coming to an end and that Nick Jonas would take her chair in 2020. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend would continue on.

Shortly after the exit announcement, Stefani, who is also busy with her “Just A Girl” Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, explained that she was having a hard time doing her Las Vegas show and “The Voice” at the same time.

“I didn’t expect to be doing [the Vegas show] and ‘The Voice’ at the same time,” she said. “I just feel like I’m alive in a way I’ve never been before, because I have to be! Because doing both is a lot,” she added.

Stefani has a pressing performance schedule in 2020 as she is set to go back to Las Vegas for her last few “Just A Girl” residency dates in February and May. It’s understandable why it would be quite difficult for her to uphold both responsibilities.

Stefani joined the team after Adam Levine left the show. While her recent exit announcement didn’t come as a shock for many, her Las Vegas show was not the only telltale sign that pointed to a one-season return for Stefani. Here are some.

She Has Never Been On “The Voice” For 2 Consecutive Seasons

First of all, Sefani has never really coached for two consecutive seasons on “The Voice.” Stefani first served as coach in Season 7, then on Seasons 9 and 12. She only served as an advisor for Seasons 8 and 10 because she couldn’t commit to a full-time coaching role because of her busy schedule.

She’s Not Comfortable With Competitions

Stefani also said in the past that she was wary of joining “The Voice” because the show would require her to sell herself. Unfortunately, she sees herself as someone who’s not very competitive.

“In fact, competition makes me really uncomfortable,” she said. “It was probably one of the reasons I almost didn’t do the show, because I couldn’t picture myself pitching myself and trying to fight, especially against a very competitive person like Adam Levine,” she added.

She’s Not That Confident As A Talent Selector

Fans of the show may probably have also noticed that compared with the other coaches on the show, Gwen Stefani seems less confident as a talent selector. Some fans of “The Voice” have noted several times how Stefani seems incapable of making decisions on her own, tending to wait for another coach to hit his or her button before she spins around.

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