The Jan. 6 committee might share video of the testimonies given by former U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner during prime-time hearings.

The committee, which is investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, is set to start holding public hearings, and during prime-time, for the first time this week. It will start at 8 p.m. on Thursday and will be livestreamed, reported Business Insider.

As the committee starts releasing its work to the public, The Washington Post reported that the televised hearings might feature recorded testimony from Trump's family members. It is unclear who will be testifying, but the panel would reportedly be talking to "administration insiders" this month. The people with knowledge of the committee's work think that the panel will share video testimony previously given by Ivanka and her husband. The two were senior advisors to Trump when he was the U.S. President.

A person close to the investigation said that everybody will pay attention when Kushner and Ivanka talk on video, and that it "doesn’t matter how damning the presentations are,” according to Intelligencer.

During a December appearance before the committee, former Trump national security adviser Keith Kellogg told investigators that, on the day after the riot, he had told Ivanka that he “appreciated what she did that day and by talking to her dad." She apparently said that her "dad’s stubborn."

The panel is yet to formally decide on whether it will air those testimonies. The investigation moving into its public phase means Americans will learn much more about the Jan. 6 riot and how it happened, said one committee member.

There is a lot of information that Americans did not yet know about the riot, representative Adam Schiff, who is a Democrat, said on Sunday during an interview. He shared that he thinks that Americans know a great deal already, and that they have seen a number of bombshells already, but "there's a great deal they haven't seen." He added that perhaps the most important is the "public has not seen it woven together, how one thing led to another." Schiff noted that a "comprehensive narrative" about the attack that happened last year would be given for the first time.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
(L to R) US businessman and former Trump-administration presidential advisor Jared Kushner and Daughter and Senior Advisor to the former US President Ivanka Trump arrive for the inaugural event of the Abraham Accords Caucus, at the Knesset (Israel's parliament) in Jerusalem on October 11, 2021. Photo by Ahmad Gharabli/AFP via Getty Images

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