“Jane The Virgin” stars Gina Rodriguez and Brett Dier discussed the recent episode of the hit CW series that aired on Wednesday night. The installment featured the emotional return of Jane’s (Rodriguez) soulmate.

Michael (Dier) passed away in Season 4 after being shot, but it was revealed in Season 5 that he was actually alive. However, he could not remember anything about his past, and he is convinced that his name is Jason. But all this changed this week.

Jason (Dier) finally realized that he’s Michael, and he remembered everything that he and Jane shared. They were soulmates and were even married at one point. But following his alleged death, Jane got into a relationship with Rafael (Justin Baldoni).

Following this week’s episode, Rodriguez and Dier both said that they felt extremely emotional while filming their scenes on set. More specifically, Rodriguez started bawling while filming the scene where Michael regained his memory.

“I just started bawling,” Rodriguez told Vanity Fair. “Because for one, Brett Dier is such a phenomenal [expletive] actor. Acting across from him, between action and cut and I was like, ‘I’m head over heels in love with this man. This is the love of my life. This is my husband.’ He’s just such a love,” Rodriguez added.

For Dier, filming the poignant scene was very fun to do even though it was very hard. “I wanted to play it like Michael had awakened and he was living in a dream world the whole time,” he said.

Dier also dished on his reaction when he was informed that he would return to the show six months after his character was killed off. The actor said that he was elated, but he also found it difficult to keep the information under wraps, especially when fans would approach him and tell him how sad they were to see him die in “Jane The Virgin.”

The hit CW series is currently on its fifth and final season, but a spinoff series is already in the works. The new show will continue to feature Rodriguez as Jane, as well as some of the characters in “Jane The Virgin.”

Gina Rodriguez Actress Gina Rodriguez attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures' 'Miss Bala' at Regal LA Live Stadium 14 on January 30, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. JC Olivera/Getty Images