Japan and Greece squared off in a Group C match only to finish in a 0-0 draw with Greece playing down a man for much of the match due to a red card given to Captain Kostas Katsouranis in the 38’ minute after his second yellow card. Japan had plenty of chances to put the game away but squandered many easy chances in the second half to put the ball in the back of the net and finish off the Greeks.

Both teams now will go into their final Group match with a hope and a prayer that the soccer gods work in their favor and somehow qualify respectively for the next round of play.

Give Greece credit for holding its breath as it not easy to play down a man for the majority of the match and not get scored on. On the flip side, the Greeks had their moments and certainly could have scored but with only a few scoring opportunities to take advantage of, no goals were executed. The fight and grit of the Greeks was a better performance than their opening match against Columbia who pounded them 3-0 and now Greece must prepare for a final group match on June 24 against the Ivory Coast.

Japan on the other hand will take on a very hot Columbia squad who have scored 5 goals in its first two games. For Japan they will look back at this match as a missed opportunity as several chances should have been put away in the second half and now Japan have to face the reality that they have a life line that only got cut shorter with today’s draw.

With today''s goal less draw between Greece and Japan, Columbia qualified for the second round as Columbian fans around the world are celebrating.