Chicharito Cries
Mexico's soccer player Javier Hernandez (R) smiles next to Jesus Corona (C) and Oribe Peralta during a soccer training session in Mexico City, October 6, 2015. Mexico will play against United States on October 10 in Pasadena, California. The winner of the CONCACAF Cup playoff match will advance to the 2017 Confederations Cup, an eight-nation event to be held in Russia as a prelude to the 2018 World Cup. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez is not one to shy away from showing his emotions whether it's on the pitch or off. But the Bayer Leverkusen striker shocked many fans when he broke down into tears in an emotional interview with Univision's "La Mesa" television show.

Hernandez sat down with Leon Krauze in Hollywood, CA on October 9th, the night before Mexico would defeat the United States 3-2 in extra time in the CONCACAF Cup final. Chicharito got emotional when the conversation turned away from soccer and to his family.

"I am a team when it comes to my family," Hernandez said in Spanish (we have translated it into English). "In life you can not do anything alone, it is impossible."

Hernandez is a third generation soccer player and has often found himself mired in the shadow of his father Javier Hernandez Gutierrez. His father earned the nickname "The Pea," the reason behind his son's current nickname of "Chicharito," or "The Little Pea."

Despite living his early playing days behind his father's success on the pitch, Hernandez recounts those days fondly when he would chase his dad around the pitch.

Yet, it was not his family or the talk of his father that beget such emotions from Hernandez that he began to cry on camera. Rather, it was the topic of his playing days at Chivas Guadalajara from 2006 to 2010 when injuries riddled his final days with the club, and the future looked dim as no calls from other clubs came in.

When asked what his mother said during this difficult time in Hernandez's life. Chicharito broke down into tears as he recounted this sad chapter in his life.

"It was a very difficult day," Hernandez said fighting back tears. "It was not easy."

Chicharito did not want to let his mother, Silvia Balcazar down. He did not want to disappoint his father. Both his parents taught Chicharito that in order to be the best in the world at soccer, he first had to be a good person.

You can watch the full interview in the vide below, but the tears begin to flow around the 4:00 minute mark in the video.

Entrevista completa con Javier "Chicharito" Hernández

#LaMesa - Entrevista completa con Javier Hernández Balcázar Más allá de las contrataciones millonarias, las convocatorias mundialistas y la fama—ser futbolista profesional también implica sacrificios, retos, dudas y momentos muy dolorosos. Javier #Chicharito Hernández compartió #LaMesa con León Krauze y reflexionó sobre su trayectoria, su fe y la familia que lo respalda en todo momento. Más detalles inéditos aquí: Univision 34 Los Angeles |

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