A young Russian ‘sex coach’ was stabbed repeatedly by her husband in a jealous rage before he threw her body 130ft down from a high-rise building.

According to the police, the suspect, 24-year-old Rustam Mursalov, a personal fitness coach, stabbed his wife Alexandra Mursalova in the head and neck at their home in St Petersburg.

In his confession to the police, Mursalov reportedly said he killed the mother of two children because of "jealousy", according to police.

Alexandra, a ‘psychologist and sex coach’, worked with wealthy clients in St Petersburg and had boasted that she could "teach people to love - I see the problem in 15 minutes. I solve everything in four sessions."

The social media influencer had documented the spiraling troubles in her marital relationship to her thousands of followers.

Six days ago, Alexandra had written a post claiming that her husband had threatened to stab her and their children, aged seven and two.

She wrote on 15 September: "He knocked on the door, saying he would kill me and the kids and then jump down."

"I gathered the children and changed flats, but since then he comes every night, knocks on the door, calls the intercom, wakes us up and scares the kids."

It is unclear if she had sought police protection following the alleged incident. However, following the incident, Alexandra took her daughters to live apart from him.

She posted: "Remember I told you the rules of what to do with an abuser-manipulator:

"1. Make a clear border, how he can and how he can not treat you."

"2. When he doesn't meet the conditions, you go away and ignore him."

"Do not communicate with the abuser, he loves this. This is the goal of his performance."

After the murder, Mursalov reportedly fled the scene and was on the run but then eventually gave himself up to the police, say reports.

During his Interrogation, Mursalov "confessed that he had planned the murder of his wife," according to Mash media, citing law enforcement sources.

"He prepared a knife and took the children to their relatives so that they would not see this horror."

"On the evening of September 21, he was waiting for his wife, and she arrived with another man."

There was a heated argument followed by a scuffle on the staircase, police said. The man who accompanied Alexandra fled the scene during the altercation.

"He remained alone with his wife and stabbed her ten times."

Mursalov then threw her body from a 13th-floor balcony, followed by her bloodstained jacket.

In her social media posts, Alexandra had expressed how her husband was jealous of her earnings.

"My husband tried to take my phone away so I would not earn any more," she wrote.

"Then we went to family therapy."

"This made everything easier, the relationship leveled off, and he admitted that he was wrong."

"All summer, the relationship was just super. Our best period ever."

However, the good days did not last long and changed once again in August when she claims Mursalov became enraged.

"Money is a constant brake on our relationship," she posted.

"Today my husband said that money spoils everything and one day I will have to choose, him or the money."

She wrote despairingly: "I love my husband, but I'm not ready to give up my desires and dreams."

The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the suspected murder.

Mursalov has been detained.

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