trump punks bush
Above, top: redirects to in a Google search. Above, bottom: Republican U.S. presidential candidates former Governor Jeb Bush (L) and businessman Donald Trump talk during a commercial break at the debate held by Fox Business Network. REUTERS/Jim Young; Screenshot (Google Search)

Has Donald Trump just performed another prank against another Republican candidate? On Monday, was redirecting traffic to, Trump’s official website. Jeb Bush’s official presidential campaign website,, was running normally. It is unclear if Bush was the victim of a hack, or if his campaign actually failed to register the domain. Bush may have never registered his name as a domain, as Gizmodo points out. According to domain registries, the site owner is anonymous. Is this a voter another Donald J Trump prank?

Trump has trolled his most hated GOP rivals with everything from nagging emails to a delivery of “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water” to Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator who’s embarrassing gulp was seen around the world.

The website debacle is a significant though purely symbolic embarrassment for the Jeb(!) campaign. Bush has touted his mastery of email, releasing a compilation of his electronic messages from his days as Florida Governor in the form of a memoir Reply All (yes, it is incredibly boring).

Someone, somewhere, is probably getting fired right now.

Yet Bush isn’t the only self-described tech-savvy Republican candidate to make this mistake. Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina also failed to register her name as a domain, allowing a modest protester to point out how many layoffs she oversaw while holding the reins at the company.

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